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Summer Flower Subscription

Summer Flower Subscription

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Our 2023 Summer Flower Subscription Sign-up Period is now open for pre-orders.

We are excited to offer a Summer Flower Subscription. If you love to have a fresh bouquet of locally grown flowers in your home or at work all summer long, then this is for you. We will be offering a 10 week subscription beginning late June.  This subscription gives you a fresh bouquet of your favorite summer flowers every other week.

There are a limited number of subscriptions available for each location.


By purchasing the Flower Subscription, you will receive a fresh farm-crafted wrapped bouquet every other week for 10 weeks. The 5 bouquets feature a range of flowers all grown on our farm outside of Mifflinburg. The bouquets will likely consist of flowers such as Zinnias, Cosmos, Celosia, Sunflowers, Delphinium, Snapdragons and more. Each bouquet will be wrapped in a paper sleeve and plastic sleeves will be available for transport.


Flowers will be delivered to pick up locations on Thursdays.  The exact delivery weeks will be announced in April 2023.  We will send email reminders the day before pick up so you don't forget to pick up your bouquet.


We will have several pick up location options to select from when you purchase the subscription.  We do not deliver individual subscription bouquets.

  • The Farm, South of Mifflinburg
  • Lewisburg Builders Supply, 160 Hafer Rd, Lewisburg
  • Evangelical Community Hospital, 1 Hospital Dr, Lewisburg (HOSPITAL EMPLOYEES ONLY)
  • Dash Meal Solutions, 27 E Market St, Danville

    How does it work?

    Purchasing a Flower Subscription for your desired pick up location secures 5 bouquets for your enjoyment in the peak of our Summer flower season. The total cost of the subscription is $100 or $20 per bouquet. You are supporting our farm by committing to us that you would like bouquets this Summer. Full payment is due upon purchase of the Flower Subscription and subscriptions are non-refundable.

    What if I am on vacation?

    We ask that you find someone else to pick up your bouquet that week, this makes a perfect gift for a special occasion or just because. Let someone else enjoy fresh, locally grown flowers.

    What if I forget to pick up my bouquet?

    Subscribers will receive reminder emails in the days leading up to each pick up date. If you happen to forget to pick up your bouquet, the bouquet will be gifted to someone so the flowers can still be enjoyed. We will not offer a refund for the forgotten bouquet or extend the subscription period.

    Can I request specific flowers?

    All of our flowers are field grown and subjected to the weather of Central Pennsylvania. We do not take specific requests for the flower subscriptions. If you want a specific color palette for a special occasion, please order a separate bouquet where you can select your color palate from the options in our Flower Store.

    What if weather or disease wipes out our flowers?

    We will do everything we can to protect our flowers and ensure that we can deliver a beautiful bouquet to you. However, there are circumstances beyond our control. If we are unable to deliver the bouquets we promised without sacrificing quality, we will refund subscriptions participants for the number of bouquets that we were unable to provide on a pro-rated basis of $18 per bouquet. Customers will be contacted if this were to occur.

    There are 5 people at my work who would like a subscription, will you deliver to us?

    Yes!! If there is a group of employees who would like a subscription, then we would be happy to deliver. There is a minimum of 5 subscriptions per delivery location. Please contact us to make arrangements for this delivery option.

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