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Fresh  //  Seasonal  //  Local  // Farm-Crafted

//Fresh Flowers are harvested fresh at just the right moment to maximize your enjoyment of flowers.  Local flowers means fresh flowers provided to our customers.

//Seasonal All of our flowers are grown in open fields and are subjected to the natural and beautiful seasons of Central Pennsylvania.  Our flower availability is based on the time of year and what can naturally grown given the current conditions.  Seasonality allows us to enjoy the uniqueness of each season with a wide range of flowers rather than focusing only on a particular flower that we really like.

//Local As a flower farm located just south of Mifflinburg, we pride ourselves in bringing local flowers to customers.  Our flowers did not go through the a journey consisting of thousands of miles and several days to arrive at your door.  They were planted, watered, weeded and cared for right here on our land.  This provides the freshest and most diversity of locally enjoyed flowers possible.

//Farm-Crafted After harvesting our fresh seasonal flowers grown in our own fields, we carefully craft each bouquet in a way that highlights each element as special and important to bring together a collection of locally grown seasonal flowers that will gracefully elevate a dining table, desk or other location.


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