About Us

"It's the difference between a steak you can't trace back to a single country - much less a single farm - and a steak raised with care, at a known location, with known ingredients, and by a rancher who cares about both the life of the animal and the deliciousness of the food it becomes."
~Joe Heitzeberg, Ethan Lowry, and Caroline Saunders


Jonathan & Janna, Owners

Janna & Jonathan Bastian

Welcome to Hickory View Farms, we are your hosts, Jonathan and Janna Bastian. 

I (Jonathan) grew up in Union County and after going to college and graduate school, I returned to my hometown to settle down.  I am currently employed full-time in the healthcare industry.  I was blessed with meeting my wife in a blind date on the referral of a high school classmate.  While I did not grow up on a farm, I have had the pull to have a farm of some kind.  Over the years, the goal of my dream farm changed.  At one point I wanted an orchard and at other times I wanted to pursue fruit farming with blueberries and strawberries.  I never thought of including animals on my farm.  Possibly because I did not grow up on a farm with animals.  But as my wife and I started to dream and realize our mutual desire of living on a farm, Hickory View Farms became a reality.


And I (Janna), grew up on a beef farm in northern Tioga County.  After college, I decided to relocate to central Pennsylvania to pursue my career as a Registered Nurse.  I currently work at the same local hospital as Jonathan.  Just as I was getting ready to move back to Tioga County and head back to the farm life I went out on a blind date with a certain guy and all of my plans changed.  So here we are, married, and living in central Pennsylvania and are in the process of starting our own farm.  Growing up on a beef farm and having numerous different animals on my parents farm growing up, I always had the desire to settle down on a farm raising animals.  We have not only realized that we certainly want livestock on our farm, but I also have a passion for flowers that we may pursue.  We have together developed a passion and love for farming that we look forward to making our reality over the upcoming years.  Since initially moving to central Pennsylvania, I took on the unofficial role of a "sales rep" for my parents farm, selling shares of beef to various people in this area.  As this has grown, the demand for locally-sourced beef has continued to expand.  This was a major impetus for us to create Hickory View Farms.

We both share a passion for gardening and flowers.  Through informally sharing our beautiful flowers, we recognized that many others wanted to enjoy locally grown flowers to bring joy and life to any occasion.  As a result Hickory View Farms focuses on raising a wide variety of cut flowers in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

About the Farm

The mission of Hickory View Farms is to bring farm-crafted goods to the people in our communities through the harvests on our own farm and other local family farms.

Our farm, located just south of Mifflinburg is getting a makeover. We recently acquired 21 acres of land which is slowly be transformed in a beautiful landscape of flowers and sustainable agriculture. Since it is in the early stages of development, we are continuing to work with our farm friends in Tioga County to bring you the high quality naturally raised beef and pork you have grown to love.

Flowers have become the focal point of Hickory View Farms and we would love to talk to you about how we can make your special day even more beautiful with locally grown fresh cut flowers.