Our Flower Farm

Hickory View Farms is a small family farm cultivating and selling a variety of seasonal flowers grown in our open fields.  The land is cared for with an environmentally-conscious focus.  We grow many traditional blooms that help to flood back memories of your grandmother's flower garden including Daffodils, Snapdragons and Peonies in the Spring to Sunflowers, Zinnias and Black-eyed Susans in the late Summer.  Our seasonal blooms are sold to floral designers and local customers.  Our social media followers are alerted to the currently available flowers and pre-arranged bouquets.  We also offer DIY Buckets of Blooms to help foster a creative spirit and allow you to arrange flowers for your special event.

Our growing season usually begins in May and ends in September but varies by weather conditions.  November and December turns our attention to greens and everything Christmas.  Check out our Wreaths and Christmas Greenery.

We do not have a brick-and-mortar store but we welcome people to stop at our farm during the growing season when we have on farm Pop-up events or during a scheduled pick up to get your bouquets.

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 The weather patterns of Central Pennsylvania create a unique and challenging opportunity to grow a beautiful array of blooms that prosper in our climate.  Each season brings new blooms and different blooms.  As a field grown farm, we don't have Sunflowers in May, Zinnias in January, or Eucalyptus in March.  But we use each season as an opportunity to experiment and enjoy the colors of Spring, Summer and Fall in their own way.
Flower farming and the Slow Flower movement (#slowflowers) allows us to take pause and be thankful for the ground that we have.  We practice wise and ecologically friendly farming practices through every product used while raise our flowers and foliage.  Water is a precious resource and we have invested in a 4000 gallon rain water collection cistern that provides us with a steady supply of fresh water to irrigate our fields in the hot dry summers.



Flowers are grown all over the world and shipped all over the world which allows many flowers to be enjoyed during any month of the year.  As a family, we support local farms for locally-sourced food and hand-crafted items.  And we take it one step further to local flowers.  Local allows us to think about the true value of flowers and the work that goes into growing a perfect bloom.
Pollination is a vital step in the production of almost all food crops and is responsible for the reproduction of many plants.  We have incorporated important Pollinator Plants into our gardens and will be planting food plots for bees and other pollinators to help support their important work.



 Hickory View Farms Flower Care Instructions


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