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Peony - Pink

Peony - Pink

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Peonies offer eye-catching color with lush fragrance of Peony.

Bunch Size: 5 Stems per bunch

Stem Length: At least 20”

Shipping: If you are local, we encourage you to select Pick-Up, otherwise we offer Overnight Shipping through FedEx so your flowers are delivered at the peak of freshness.

Flowers on Arrival: Our peonies will arrive in the “marshmallow” stage which means that the bud is soft but not open.  Some blooms may start to open during shipping.  The buds will naturally open once the stems are trimmed and placed into tepid fresh water.  To speed up the opening process, place cut stems in 100 degree water and place near sunlight. Flowers will usually open within 12 hours if you choose the faster option.


Wholesale pricing available, contact for more information.

Flower Care

In order to prolong the life of your flowers, here are a few tips to follow:


  • Always keep your container filled with fresh water.  The water level should be high enough to ensure that all stems are submerged in the water.  When completely changing the water, also thoroughly clean the container.


  • Every few days you should remove the flowers from the container and re-cut the stems.  Cut them off approximately half an inch from the bottom of the stem.  Cut the stem at an angle to allow the flowers to take up water as easily as possible.  We recommend that you use floral scissors or a sharp knife to ensure a clean cut.


  • Be sure to always remove any damaged or spent foliage or blooms that falls below the waterline.


  • Most flowers are best displayed when they are away from direct sunlight, cooling and heating vents, not directly under a ceiling fan, or on top of radiators or televisions, which can cause the flowers to dehydrate.  Avoid placing your fresh flower arrangement near ripening fruit, as the fruit releases small amounts of ethylene gas which may cause them to age prematurely.
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