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Peony - Blush

Peony - Blush

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My Love Peony is a blush-pink large double peony with a soft fragrance. There are countless petals. The color varies in the intensity of pink but all are very soft. The yellow stamen are intermixed into this double peony.

Bunch Size: 5 Stems per bunch

Stem Length: At least 16”

Shipping: If you are local, we encourage you to select Pick-Up, otherwise we offer Overnight Shipping through FedEx so your flowers are delivered at the peak of freshness.

Flowers on Arrival: Our peonies will arrive in the “marshmallow” stage which means that the bud is soft but not open.  Some blooms may start to open during shipping.  The buds will naturally open once the stems are trimmed and placed into tepid fresh water.  To speed up the opening process, place cut stems in 100 degree water and place near sunlight. Flowers will usually open within 12 hours if you choose the faster option.


Wholesale pricing available, contact for more information.



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