Why are we creating Hickory View Farms?

Perhaps a question that needs answered is, "Why are we creating Hickory View Farms?"  Aren't we busy enough with life and work?  Well, yes we are busy but there is more to life than running a rat race.  By prioritizing the parts of life which we value, life may look a whole lot different.  The modern American dream states that my wife and I both need to work full time jobs, buy or build a nice house, have 2-3 children, have nice vehicles and work so much that dinner consists of take-out and the scene at the dinner table reveals people staring at electronic devices.

I would like to present the idea that what my wife and I value is more than that.  We value our faith in God, our marriage, our family and our well-being.  It is hard to define well-being but since I am in the medical field by training, I think of being healthy in terms of our mind and our body.  In the spirit of speed, diets have become terrible and the health of America continues to slide.

So, back to why are we creating Hickory View Farms?  It is simply to focus on what we value.  By starting a farm, raising wholesome natural food, we might just start to publicly confess what we truly value.  We are looking forward to raising a family in a place where the values of hard work, a closeness with nature and a local sustaining economy thrives.  Through Hickory View Farms, we want to build relationships with local families and businesses and be a source of local food.  We look forward to meeting you.  If you have any questions or are interested in learning more to become a part of who we are, please contact us.

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