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We will be the first to admit that the last few months have been pretty hectic with both of us working at the hospital, starting up our farm business of Hickory View Farms LLC., remodeling our porch, tending to our garden, and so forth.  Summers always seem extremely hectic for most people and before you know it, we are heading in to fall.  A few weeks ago we both had a day off together and we decided that we were going to take the day and go on a spontaneous day trip, put everything else aside for the day!  My personality is that of a planner and very detail oriented, so for me it is always a stretch to wake up in the morning, make a game plan, and leave the house!  But, that’s exactly what we did, and we had a great day!

Hershey is a destination for us, a place that we have been to every year that we have been together.  No day trip to Hershey has been the same as the one before.  We are going to leave you with what we would consider to be an ideal day trip to Hershey. 

Jonathan and Janna at HersheyHershey’s Chocolate World is a must see on every trip!  If you are there less than 3 hours the parking is free, admittance is free, and you get a free piece of chocolate as you exit the Chocolate World ride, so in our books that is a win!  Chocolate World has added a new feature this summer called “Chocolate World Unwrapped”.  We weren’t exactly sure what it was, but we decide to try it out anyways.  It is definitely geared for children (we were the only people in the room that didn’t have a child with us) and for the price that you pay, we decided that it wasn’t worth the money. 

Downtown we have visited the Hershey Story Museum.  It is definitely worth going to once as it is extremely informational regarding the life and legacy of Milton S. Hershey.  However, we have both agreed that it is not something that we would pay an entrance fee for every time we visit Hershey.  It is a museum and it is definitely geared more for the adult population. 

Taste testing at the Hershey ExperienceIn the first floor of the Hershey Story Museum is a taste testing area that allows you to sample a flight of different kinds of hot chocolate.  Being able to taste a wide variety of chocolates and learn about their origins is a really neat experience.  A little-known fun fact about me, hot chocolate is one of my favorite hot beverages!  So this will always be a part of a day trip to Hershey for us!

The Hershey Gardens are a wonderful place to visit on your day trip as well!  We have been there in both the spring and summer growing seasons and we very much enjoyed both trips to the gardens.  Little tip, if you are planning to visit both the Hershey Gardens and Hershey Story Museum, there is a pass that gets you a discounted entrance fee for both of them and it can be purchased at the ticket desk at the Hershey Story Museum.

This year after spending the morning in Hershey we headed to Lancaster to Sight and Sound to see the production “Jesus”.  We would highly recommend seeing it if you are able to!  It was a very moving and well-done performance that definitely moved me to tears more than once!  Seeing the production was a great reminder for us that each day is not guaranteed to us.  It was also a great reminder that the Lord is giving each day to us as a gift and it is up to us of how we make use of that gift.  Are we sharing that gift, that love, with others or are we keeping it to ourselves?

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