Sunset over the hay field.

Its Becoming Real

Wow, the past two weeks have been a whirlwind.  Janna and I have been working during every spare moment to polish our website and put our design skills to the test.  We are now a Limited Liability Corporation in Pennsylvania and have taken care of other legal necessities as we begin Hickory View Farms.  This is certainly a learning experience but vitally important for anyone who is starting a business.

Now, for some more exciting news. . . T-shirts!!!

I have been learning the inner workings of design software to create a line of t-shirts which embodies Hickory View Farms.  Inspired by what we hope to become, our t-shirts are entirely designed by Janna and I.  We also did not want our t-shirts to be "run of the mill" generic t-shirts.  We wanted a premium product.  By partnering with Green Ridge Graphics in Mifflinburg, we selected Next Level Brand clothing to sport our logos and designs.  Our Farm Store offers three t-shirt designs: Our Logo T-Shirt, Life is Better T-Shirt, and Beef T-Shirt.  Stay tuned as we have so many more really cool ideas that we hope to turn into a shirt design in the future.

The past two weeks also included hauling and delivery of another load of cattle to butcher.  We are so thankful for the customers who have chosen Heyler Farms Beef and we look forward to meeting new customers.

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