Hickory View Farms first wedding

First Wedding in the Books

This winter/spring as Jonathan and I began dreaming/planning about our future farm, we had some long conversations about what we were passionate about and what we wanted to do with our future farm.  I have always had a passion for flowers and I absolutely love the pure beauty that comes with a bouquet of fresh flowers.  With that being said, we decided to downsize on our vegetable garden and use half of it to plant flowers that could be used to make fresh bouquets, something to just dabble in and see how it goes.  We decided on 3 types of flowers, ordered seeds, and then got busy with life.  In the middle of May we decided that we needed to get those seeds in the ground so they can get growing. 

Hickory View Flowers Wedding ArrangementFlash forward to the middle of July...all of our seeds have sprouted, grown into full size, and are now blooming and blossoming like crazy! I began Pinteresting fresh cut bouquets and I started following Flower Farmers on Facebook and Instagram to see what their arrangements are looking like.  I started cutting from the flowers in the garden, as well as from the perennial plants that we have planted around our yard. It turns out when things start blooming, they really start blooming.  I had so many flowers that I had no idea what to do with them!  So, I started making arrangements and giving them away to family and friends.  I would take a picture of each arrangement and post it to social media, so my friends and family could see what I was doing in my free time (if that's what you want to call it)!  I so enjoyed spending time in my garden cutting and then making bouquets with those fresh cute flowers.  At work the next week I had a co-worker ask if she could purchase a bouquet, as she had seen pictures online and wanted one!  That is where just growing flowers for myself, turned into more than just a hobby for myself. 

Skip forward a couple of weeks...and we were asked to make centerpieces for a wedding, the second weekend in August!  Jonathan was excited, and I was overwhelmed! 15 tables, 3 vases per tables.  In my mind I was freaking out, how are we going to pull this together?  Are we going to have enough flowers?  Are we going to have enough time?

The day of the wedding came, we left my parents house in Westfield in the wee hours of the morning to head back and get to work!  Jonathan started cutting and I started getting the vases all out and water in them and then I started arranging!  It was like we knew exactly what we were doing, ha!  In a little over two hours we had all of the vases done and we were getting ready to load them. 

As we pulled into the venue's driveway, my stomach started doing flip flops.  What if the flowers looked awful?  What if they aren't what the bride wanted?  What if they all wilted on the 30 minute drive to the venue?  As we started unloading the vases, reassuring words started coming for us and I would say that the flowers were a success! 

Hickory View Farms wedding flower arrangements

Jonathan and I both breathed a sigh of relief as we pulled away from the venue.  Our first wedding was in the books!  we both recognize that things are not always going to go that smoothly and that things will not always turn out as we hope and plan.  But we are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for our flower business and we have already started ordering our seeds for next year!

P.S. We are already booked for a wedding next year!!

Hickory View Flowers Wedding Arrangement

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