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Pork Shares - Deposit

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Hickory View Farms is offering Pork shares on a very limited basis.  Our pork is raised without hormones or antibiotics.  You can select to buy a half pig or whole pig.  At time of butchering, you will have the opportunity to select the cutting instructions or use the Hickory View Farms recommended cut package.


The price of this item in the online store is for the deposit to secure your share.  A half requires a $25 deposit and a whole requires a $50 deposit paid at time of ordering.

Our current price is $2.95/lb hanging weight for uncured meat.  This includes butchering and vacuum packaging.  Cured cuts such as bacon and ham are $1.00/lb extra.  Sausage is also $1.00/lb extra.  The final price will be provided after butchering.  The total cost of a whole pig will average $600 - $650 including all butchering and curing.

Please note, these prices are averages only.  Your total cost will vary based on weight of pig and cutting instruction selection.


The pigs typically weigh about 200 lbs hanging weight and will provide about 160 lbs of meat including Ham, Pork Loin, Bacon, Pork Shoulders and sausage.  The cured meat and sausage will weigh around 70 pounds.


Our pigs are either butchered by Mark's Custom Meats or Sylvester's Quality Meats.  We will make arrangements for you to pick up your share of meat from our farm or we provide local delivery.  Specialty butchering requests such as Nitrite Free may be available for an additional fee.  Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.


We are taking pre-orders for NOVEMBER 2022 butchering. This will be the only butchering opportunity in 2022.