The Potting Shed Boutique

We believe that working with our hands is very therapeutic and a healthy distraction from our profession.  Gardening further brings to life the delicate balance of nature with the grit and determination to produce beautiful flowers or food for the table.  We thrive on the outdoors, whether gardening, cooking over an open fire or relaxing with family and friends in the growing shadows of the evening sun.  We have carefully curated a collection of gardening and outdoor living essentials to foster the connection with our Creator, nature, and each other.


The garden trowel that simply feels right to the hand of the gardener, a book that paints the beauty, sweat and how-to of gardening to a reader, or a home décor element that welcomes guests to your home; these are the items The Shop of Hickory View Farms makes available to you.


As a small business ourselves, supporting local is in our blood.  Whenever possible, we collaborate with local artisans.  If not available locally, we continue to strive to partner with companies that believe in the value of manufacturing practices that are safe, ethical and environmentally sustainable.  Not only does your purchase support a local small business, we want it to also support social and environmental justice throughout the design and manufacturing process.
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