Where does the Beef come from?

Hickory View Farms was born out of a means to satisfy the interest in high quality natural beef raised on Janna's family farm.  As the demand has grown we sought out an additional farm who follows similar practices in raising high quality beef without the use of hormones or antibiotics.  Currently, the beef is born and raised on two farms, Heyler Farms (Janna's Family) and Shuey Farm.

What does hanging weight mean?

Refers to the weight of the animal after the head, hide, feet, organs and blood are removed.

What cuts are included in a share of beef?

After the animal is delivered to the butcher, you will work directly with the butcher to select the exact cuts and specifications you would like.  The standard cut list for a share comes with approximately 1/3 steaks, 1/3 roasts and 1/3 ground meat.  The butcher offers burger patties, specific steak thickness requests and more.

How much meat do I take home?

The hanging weight is prior to separating and trimming the cuts.  Typically, the take home meat is 25-30% less than hanging weight.  So if your half has a hanging weight of 300 lbs, you can expect to take home about 225 lbs.

How often is beef butchered?

We currently butcher three times a year but hope to increase the frequency as demand increases.  Our current butcher months are January, June and October.

Where and when do I pick up my beef?

We use George Farms Custom Butchering located at 15 Pottsgrove Rd, Danville PA for our custom butchering unless prior arrangements have been made.  Meat is typically ready for pick-up, about 10 days after butchering to allow for aging, cutting and freezing.

How do I purchase beef?

You can submit your order through our Farm Store page.  We do require a deposit to secure your share.  Upon receiving your order, Hickory View Farms will reach out to you regarding the anticipated butcher date and further details on how to select cuts of meat and when to pick up your meat.

How much will my portion cost?

The cost of your portion is based on hanging weight.  Our current price per pound can be found in the description for the Beef Portion item in our Farm Store.  On average, a half portion will have a hanging weight of around 300lbs x (current price) = Total cost for the meat.  You will also pay the butcher for their services of cutting and packaging the meat to your specifications after you review the cut list with the butcher.  On average, the butcher charges around $0.65/lb hanging weight.  Ultimately, you will pay Hickory View Farms for the meat and the Butcher for the processing.



Where does the Pork come from?

Our pork is raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics on Shuey's Farm, the same farm that raising our beef.


Do you offer shipping?

Due to the fragile nature of frozen meat, we currently due not ship any meat.  You can pick it up or we can make arrangements for delivery.  We do offer shipping for our clothing.  Shipping rates are based on location and weight of your order.