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Why we Chose the Name of Hickory View Farms

Why Hickory View Farms

It has come to our attention that we have never explained why we chose the name Hickory View Farms.  If you have been following along with our story you are aware that I grew up on a farm in northern Tioga County.  My parents land is essentially a strip of land (about 180 acres) that goes up the side of a hill.  About three-quarters of the way up the hill, it turns from farm fields to woods.  Where the fields meet the woods is a grove of hickory trees, among my family this spot is referred to as the hickory grove.  When standing in the hickory grove and looking north/northeast, you can see for many miles down through the Cowanesque Valley.  It is at this serene spot where you can hear essentially no vehicles, only see traffic passing way down below, and are rarely interrupted by anyone.  For this, I have become so fond of it.  Hearing the leaves of the trees rippling around you and the sound of the grass whispering, I have spent many moments thinking, dreaming, wishing, reflecting, and praying in that very spot.  It is to the Hickory Grove that I would come when I needed time to think.  I came here when I had a decision to make or something to pray about it.  I also brought all new visitors to the farm to the hickory grove, to my favorite spot on the farm.

Jonathan and Janna at the Hickory Grove


On Jonathan’s first visit to Tioga County to meet my family, we were able to sneak away for a few minutes and take the four-wheeler up on the hill.  Of course, it was a priority for me to share with him one of my most beloved and cherished spots on the farm.  Between the view of the valley and the woods behind us, we were able to share together my favorite spot.  Throughout our dating relationship and during every trip to my parent’s farm, we always carved time out to head up to the hickory grove.  Here we shared memories, dreams, and hopes.  It is also at the hickory grove that Jonathan proposed to me on a beautiful August day, and I said, "Yes" to spending the rest of my life married to him!!

Our wedding was to take place a few miles from my parent’s farm and the rehearsal dinner was a great country feast held at my parent’s farm.  And as would be fitting for any farm girl to do at her rehearsal dinner…we took all of our guests on a hayride, which of course would not have been complete without a stop at the Hickory Grove!!

Fast forward to a couple of months ago when we decided to begin making our dreams a reality and started to move ahead with the groundwork of developing our business, a lot of time and effort was spent thinking about farm names.  This name will hopefully be carried with us throughout the rest of our lives, so we knew this was a really big decision!  After tossing around what seemed like over a hundred different ideas, we finally decided on just the one!  We have shared our passion for the hickory grove, the views that it beholds, and the peace and serenity that it brings since I first took Jonathan there on a cold and windy March day.  We decided that it would only be fitting for our farm to be named Hickory View Farms, in reference to the place that we both hold so dear in our hearts, and to the place where our dreams of having a farm together were born at.

The Heyler Farm

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