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Thoughts from the Farmhouse

  • Social Distancing at Hickory View Farms

    Through this challenging time we wanted to let you all know that we are still continuing to sell our meat, we just practice social distancing upon delivery.  So if you are local to Union County and find yourself wanting some naturally raised beef or pork to get you through this time where you may be home and cooking more, head on over to our website to peruse our selection of beef and pork cuts to place your order.
  • A Big Year

    As you now, 2019 was a big year for Jonathan and myself.  2020 holds some big things for Hickory View Farms.  We are inching closer to making a big announcement.  Stay tuned throughout the year to see what all is in store!!!!
  • First Wedding in the Books

    What started out as a spontaneous hobby has certainly blossomed . . .
  • Why we Chose the Name of Hickory View Farms

    A name is not arbitrary, but rather an indicator of significance and value.  Janna offers our insight into how we got the name Hickory View Farms!
  • Summer on the Farm

    Summer means so many things for so many people.  As you are enjoying your summer, whatever that looks like for you, may you know that the farmers are working hard to continue their passion for providing you with local food, straight from them to your table.