Hickory View Farms- Summer sunset taken at Heyler Farms, harvesting hay.

Summer on the Farm

Summer means so many things for so many people.  For teachers it is a time to unwind, relax, and be rejuvenated before beginning another school year.  For those who work year-round it typically means a week or so of vacation, whether that’s to the beach, the lake, the mountains, etc. But for farmers, summer means a continuation of busy seasons.  Growing up on the farm, summer always meant for me making hay, working with my animals that I would be showing at our county fair, making more hay, picking sweet corn, and of course making some more hay.  Summers meant hard work, long hours, lots of sweat, but also lots of memories.  One of those memories include unloading hay and making it a game.  Of course, there was always lots of ice pops and popsicles consumed during hay season.  At the end a long work day, our hill is often rewarded with a beautiful sunset.  A perfect reminder of the tranquility that can be found in the midst of a busy day.

Two of the main lessons that I learned throughout summers of growing up on the farm were hard work and dedication.  Farming involves passion and pursuit.  Some days when you are tired and don’t feel like unloading one more bale of hay or going to clean out your animal pens, you are reminded that there is a purpose behind everything, and it usually isn’t always for your momentary gain.  The purpose behind unloading every single bale of hay is so that the cows can be fed all winter long.  Because we are able to feed our cows all winter long, we are able to provide you, our loyal customers, with natural straight from the farm beef. 

When I moved away from home to attend York College of PA, which is located in the suburbs of York city, I was reminded how important it is to educate those around us as to where our food comes from.  It was an eye-opening revelation for me, and one that I had taken for granted, knowing exactly where the meat on my plate was coming from.  Most people don’t know where their meat has come from or what has been done to the meat.  Here at Hickory View Farms our goal is to provide local farm goods to your table, so that you may have the peace of knowing exactly where your food has come from.

As you are enjoying your summer, whatever that looks like for you, may you know that the farmers are working hard to continue their passion for providing you with local food, straight from them to your table.

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As the mother of that girl that has unloaded countless wagons of hay, I am grateful that you have learned the valuable lesson of hard work. Besides, some of our best conversations were on the hay wagon together. You also learned that if you have a pig, the pig pen gets cleaned out…by hand. Hard work, but very rewarding. And I have instilled in you one of my favorite chores to do, feeding the animals. I just love seeing how happy they are to get farm fresh hay and the grain from our corn and oats. And then sweeping the entry up before you leave the barn, just a little “seal” on the special gift of sharing! So glad you cherish and appreciated these jobs!

Joyce Heyler

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