Hickory View Farms Grass-fed Burger Patties

Hesitant Excitement . . . and other news.

Hickory View Farms has been talked about, dreamed about and in the works for quite some time.  As I think about it, the day we first met, January 27, 2016 on a blind date, we talked about our goals and our dreams.  Farming was of course one of the topics of conversation.  It became quite clear that owning a farm was in our future.  I have always had a little tug to create my own business but the premise of such an endeavor wandered about like a squirrel exploring the forest floor.  There are many ideas and fads that have come up over the years.  With time and conversation, an agricultural-based business seemed, well, right.  It fits who we are, what is important to us and the life that we currently live.

Now that we have formed an LLC, filed all the necessary paperwork, spent hours creating a website and finally launching it just a few days ago . . . the fleeting thoughts, dreams, visions and imaginations have become real.  We are both extremely excited about our new endeavor.  Yet, there is a certain element of hesitancy.  There is stress of a business, there is a lot of time, energy and money that is poured into the unknown.  It can distract us to what we have said is important to us: our faith, family and friends.  In the infancy of Hickory View Farms we are working diligently to create a business that we are proud of and exudes the values that we hold on to.  There have certainly been pains with starting a new business.  Quite frankly, the last few days have been very frustrating as we try to navigate the credit card payment gateway and merchant account world.  (translation: behind the scenes functionality to accept credit cards).  We do accept credit cards, currently through PayPal (but don't worry, you don't need to have a PayPal account).  Within the coming weeks, we anticipate a smoother process.


We are happy to announce that we now have Burger Patties.  These Angus-cross 100% grass-fed quarter pounders are the perfect solution for your summer picnics or a quick meal after work.  Just fire up the grill and in a short time, you have a juicy grass-fed burger that you can be proud of and happy to feed to your family.  They are pre-frozen and packaged in 4 patties per pack.  Check them out over at our store.

T-shirts . . . Yep, we would love your help in spreading the word about Hickory View Farms.  We have designed our own shirts and they are being printed this month.  We hope to have them ready by the end of July but its never too early to reserve your shirts as we are only printing limited quantities.

Future Plans:

We are working on offering beef steaks, roasts and brisket which will be announced in a few weeks.  I know a lot of you have asked us about buying just a roast or just a steak.  Hickory View Farms has heard you and we are answering the request.  We firmly believe that this is just to start of many exciting parts to Hickory View Farms.  I am not going to tell you all the future ideas and plans that we are working on, because we need to let some excitement build.  But, what I will tell you is, "stay tuned and follow our blog."

More than just meat??

As some of you may know, we have set a goal to visit every National Park in the lower 48 states and every Pennsylvania State Park.  There is no end date set for this goal, its just a goal in our lifetime.  We thought it might be fun to share our experiences with you.  Let you know the places to check out and the opportunities to get out and explore.  It may just spur you on to have a similar goal or even go to a new state park that you have never been to before.  By the way, there are only 121 state parks in Pennsylvania.  So, be on the lookout for blog posts about our experiences.

We want this blog to be more than just meat, but an insight into our lives.

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